Familia Del Sol

Respect the relationship we have with the sun

by Caspar David Friedrich

“What are you doing, mama?” Little Lollie asked.

“I am raising the sun sweetheart, just like I do every morning, silly girl.” Mother replied giving little Lollie a smile as she continued slowly lifting her arms skyward.

“Watch it dawn, and pay close attention. We mustn’t move too fast.”

Lollie watched with wide eyes in awe of the regal woman before her.

“This magic will be yours one day, and the sun will rise and set at your command. Remember not to worship the power of our ability but respect the relationship we have with the sun.”

“So pretty mama!” She giggled, her ringlets bouncing against her forehead.

“Yes it is sweetheart, and it has so much work to do during the day. We will come back and set it once it is finished.”

Task complete, mother took Lollie’s hand. “Do you feel its strength pulsing through you?”

“Yes!” Lollie shouted and stomped her feet in excitement. “I can’t wait til sunset so we can put the sun back to bed so it can rest.”

Mother grinned proudly at her vivacious little girl.

– Written for Jane Dougherty Writes, Microfiction Challenge #13: Woman in the sun. Painting prompt by Caspar David Friedrich. Prompt words were dawn, sunset, worship, magic, power, regal. WC 183.



He slipped from the shadows undetected and pulled the wire taut around her neck.

She began to struggle but he was very strong, and he knew that soon she would pass out. He had done this many times before and enjoyed the thrill of it even if it was short-lived.

The stranger lurking in the shadows caught her off guard. As soon as she realized what was happening, she steadied her breathing and gathered her strength. She focused, quickly recalling her training.

She loosened her grip on his hands, and he felt her weight drop. He assumed that she was finished.

She reached for his right arm and leaned into an anchored crouch, pulling him forward over her shoulder. He hit the concrete with a grunt.

She pulled her sidearm and shot him in the leg. “You are under arrest!” She shouted over his moaning as she flashed her badge.

– Written for Ad Hoc Fiction weekly contest. Word Prompt was “wire.” WC 150
Photo from Pixabay.

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