Fragments of Childhood (Vol. I) 2018

I have a couple of poems published on Scribe Base. I don’t see a way to re-blog so I am putting the link here.

I am grateful to be included in Fragments of Childhood (Vol. I) 2018.


Summer of Innocence II

Sticky rivers run down my hand.

Under the summer sun,
Sweet chocolate swirl melts on my tongue.

As the song fades in the distance,
Meet me behind the shed.
I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

IceCream Truck_Vintage Leak
– This poetry form is called a Cherita. The photo is from pxhere.

Summer of Innocence

A playing card in the spokes

Jumping tree roots and ditches
Multicolored streamers and banana seats

The bike makes the girl
You call me names but smile when no one is looking
And you don’t tell your friends you held my hand

Girls Bike_Dual Violet
– This poetry form is called a Cherita. The photo is from Pinterest.

Southern Summers of My Youth

I watched her distorted face through the glass
I turned up to drink sweet tea from, while lying in the grass.
She went on and on about what I was supposed to be doing, but I tuned her out
And listened to the ice cubes clanging instead, hoping she wouldn’t resort to a shout.
I reminisced about the southern summers of my youth when I had nothing to do but sit on my ass.

– Written for Limerick Challenge Week 26. Prompt was “summer.” Photo by Connie Ma.

Silver Coin, Heart of Gold

He reached inside his torn pocket for his prized possession, and then proudly held out his dirty hand to display a battered coin. A lopsided grin spread over his face, and despite his ragged appearance, the expression was of true joy.

He loudly plopped the silver piece into the aluminum coffee can that the old man had placed near where his feet should have been if he hadn’t lost his legs in an explosion.

“Thank you,” he said, and his eyes crinkled up with a grateful smile.

Toby turned and skipped away. Regardless of his own beggared condition, the boy saw the value in giving what little he had to help others even less fortunate.

– Written for Miniature Writing Challenge #49. Prompt was “wealth.” WC 115. Photo from